How do I set up my company's Giraffe workspace?
Sign Up Here. After confirming your account and signing in, you'll be taken through a workspace setup guide. Setting up your workspace is fast, taking most customers under 2 minutes to complete. However, if you do run into any snags during onboarding, don't hesitate to contact us at support@getgiraffe.io

Does Giraffe need to be set-up company wide or can I just use it for my team?
Companies who bring their skills online cross departmentally see more and more value with Giraffe. You can get started with small or big teams, and you can always add/update locations and departments to your company's workspace. If you're interested in understanding how Giraffe fits into your organization workflows, please contact hello@getgiraffe.io.

How do I add skills and capabilities to my profile?
Within your user profile, add skills and strengths that are applicable for your role. You have the ability to reorder/drag and drop between Primary, Secondary and Interested In columns to designate your level of aptitude.

How do I view other team member’s profiles and skills?
Within your workspace, by clicking ‘workspace users’ you are able to see all of your fellow team members, their profiles, and skills. You can also search for skills directly by clicking ‘skill search’ and finding team members who are knowledgeable.

How do I enable the Slack app?
There are two prerequisites to enabled the Giraffe Slack App and Bot. First, you must be an admin in your Giraffe Admin workspace. You'll know if you're an admin if you see the 'Manage Workspace' menu in your left-side navigation menu. Second, you'll need to have permissions to add apps to either your Slack account or a specific channel. Proceed into the 'Manage Workspace' menu and click the 'Add to Slack' button on the info tab and follow the prompts.
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