Why do I need Giraffe?
If you've ever asked the question, "Can you send me that spreadsheet from the call we had last week?" then Giraffe is for you. Giraffe is your personal search engine for all of your working documents across your favorite business apps. With Giraffe you can search and access what you're looking for in seconds, saving you valuable time when you need to track down important information.

How can I sign up for Giraffe's waitlist?
Join Our Waitlist Here. We're constantly adding users from our current waitlist. A team member from Giraffe will be in touch as soon as we're ready for you!

Why a waitlist vs public release?
We are building Giraffe for everyone and working to make it available publicly as soon as possible. It’s not intended to be exclusive; we just think that it’s important to grow slowly at the outset to learn from early users and continue to improve the product.

Can I use Giraffe as an individual?
With the introduction of Knowledge Links, both individuals and teams are able to use Giraffe to save time tracking down answers and helpful documents! For larger teams interested in understanding how Giraffe fits into your organization workflows, please contact hello@getgiraffe.io.

Why Knowledge Links?
Everything these days lives on the web, and as long as it has a URL, it can be a Knowledge Link. We've seen so many links being shared via Slack & email that ultimately get buried and lost. We felt there should be a better way to organize and access whatever you're working on, so that when you need it, you can find it with Giraffe.

Beyond Links, how does Giraffe organize what I know?
In Giraffe speak, we call the things you know "Knowledge Tags". Tags are the skills you have, processes you own, and technologies you're familiar with. In Giraffe, you can add Knowledge Tags to your profile and get suggestions based on what others within your Workspace have added. Tags ensure that you can identify others who can help whenever there's a specific question that pops up.

How do I view other team member’s profiles?
Giraffe provides a unified search experience for you to make a search and find what you're looking for within seconds. Included in this search is the ability to search for team members with a Giraffe profile. To view a full list of team member's in your Giraffe Workspace, head to the "People" screen from the right hand navigation menu.

How do I enable GiraffeBot in Slack?
There are two prerequisites to enabled the GiraffeBot in Slack. First, you must be an admin in your Giraffe Admin workspace. You'll know if you're an admin if you see the Workspace tab within your "Settings" screen. Second, you'll need to have company permissions to add apps to your Slack workspace. If both of these items are met, you can install GiraffeBot in Slack by going to "Settings" and clicking "Integrations". From there, please follow the on screen prompts.
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